Clay Shirky: Banning Devices in Lectures

A nice story from the Washington Post on how Clay Shirky, writer of Convergence Culture, decides to ban his students from using laptops and other devices in his lectures.

  1. Every Journalism class I have been in had a no devices policy, except for occasions where we worked in groups and we were being lectured to.
  2. Class and lecture are not interchangeable words – their meanings change on context. Lectures. Lectures. That headline does not suffice.
  3. I wanted to read the full piece that Clay Shirky wrote but Valerie Strauss only linked to instead of to Shirky’s actual post. Don’t worry – the entire post is reposted in its entirety. Hold on while my Journalism muscles ache.
  4. I am definitely distracted while in lectures while using my laptop. That said, my notes are a disaster if I am not typing them, unless it’s a math class where you need symbols too often anyway.