Another iPhone in 2015

The iPhone 6s and 6s+ should come in 2015, but what niche would a smaller iPhone play? A cheaper model – the handset the industry has wished Apple would make for years1? Even if it is not significantly cheaper, it is $100 on contract or $500 off contract, it might still appeal to enough people to be worth it2.

What would Apple call a smaller iPhone in a refresh year? iPhone Air? It would be smaller, but the others are thin and light. iPhone mini?

Or, more likely, we will accept that phones get bigger and move on.

  1. Perhaps Apple would enjoy an offset tick-tock model, the refreshed large iPhones come out in even years and the refreshed tiny iPhone comes out in odd years. 
  2. Apple could use an iPad mini 2 / iPad Air 2 approach – the smaller model would just a previous generation processor even though it is new