Ustwo’s Monument Valley Piracy Angle

A few days ago, Ustwo tweeted this:

Quips that pride iOS and disdain Android are common, but surely such a statement would be put the business of a premium game developer like Ustwo in dire straits.

Dan Gray, Ustwo developer, in a Re/code interview responds:

Re/code: First off, how was that 95 percent statistic determined?

Dan Gray: Five percent are paid downloads, so the ratio is 9.5 to 1, but a portion of those are people who have both a phone and a tablet, people who have more than one Android device with them. So a small portion of that 95 percent is going to be taken up by those installs.

Counting purchases and installations is a bit fisher than I would have thought initially. Downloads from unique accounts should be the primary statistic then, not installs.