The New Pebble Time

When I saw the Pebble Time pictures came out yesterday, I thought, “Very nice! But a little late…”.

We’re weeks away from the release of the Apple Watch will cost a fortune and be iOS only, we’re in the the lull between major Android Wear versions – but new hardware will be undoubtedly coming throughout the year anyway.

Before the iPad, I remember dreaming of the color Kindle. I don’t know the specific technology behind the color screens in the Pebble Time, but if it is lasting seven days with always on functionality, then, that’s pretty good1. I forget about charging things like my own Fitbit Charge on the seven day timescale.

So that will be the tradeoff for now: a bulkier, funnier looking, but ultimately longer lasting and natural charging cycle, or the cutting edge, hipster, charged once every 36 hours device.

  1. With that said, it does sort of look like the low resolution screens I have seen with Nintendo’s DS. The resolution on the DS, even the New 3DS, is appalling compared to the 1080p phones and tablets that are pervasive, let alone the increasingly common (though pointless) 2K screens.