New online shipping regulations

The FTC decided to enforce shipping estimates. If there is a delay, you have a legal basis to cancel the entire order on the spot.

I wonder what Amazon’s response would be.

iPhone 6: camera bulge

The bulge might be hidden here and there, but it might have been the ad company that made that mistake and not Apple directly.

Whatever the case may be, Apple’s true fault lies in the physical design itself – when sitting flat, it wobbles on the surface.

GTX 980: more details

The GTX 980 has 5 display ports. That’s pretty impressive.

If the GTX 970 also has five, well, hold on, I need to order yet another monitor.

iPhone 6 NFC Chip requires authorized use

The NFC chip will be limited to primarily Apple Pay and a single hotel somewhere in the world.

While it feels closed and small-minded, Apple sees the greater truth: there is no huge need for NFC right now.

Windows: September 30th Event Scheduled

Join us to hear about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.

Microsoft. Please, even your invitation is wrong. Windows 8 was not just despised by enterprise, but by regular consumers too. Windows is for everyone.

This better be great.

Notch: “I’m leaving Mojang”


I love you. All of you. Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can’t be responsible for something this big. In one sense, it belongs to Microsoft now. In a much bigger sense, it’s belonged to all of you for a long time, and that will never change.

It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity.

Notch is full of extremely warm sentiments.

The Map of “Uh” and “Um”

Even though I try to avoid it in my podcasts, I still get hit with filter words. I guess I was never conscious of which word it was though.

Tim Cook, Charlie Rose Interview

Normally, I am not a huge fan of Charlie’s interview style (usually because it feels slow and edited), but this interview was great. Cook is clever in what he avoids saying, but says a lot of really nice humanizing things too about his interactions with Steve and Apple’s methodology. Of course, he’s still an Apple guy – there is a lot of anti-candor.

The interview is on Hulu is about an hour long, and there is another portion of the interview coming soon (on Monday night, apparently). You should watch.


ComcastifyJS, huh?

Someone should make an iOS and Android module that does the same for mobile devices. Just for laughs.

Python: str.format

In the CLI tools I wrote for The Nexus, I used the % operator to create strings for various purposes. It looks icky. In my more recent (yet destible) work with Python for class purposes (a little awful webapp), I used str.format and it was great — flexible and intuitive, for the most part.

Definitely, use it.

Windows 9: video leaks the revised Start menu

When Windows 9 launches next Spring, I hope Microsoft and Satya Nadella makes an open apology for their original Windows 8 vision. No specific blame, though, just something short and sweet.

Oh, and the start menu here looks nice. I still like my spacial mockups better.

Intel: Llama Mountain, a tale of a low TDP but impressive Performance

4.5W to 6W TDP will give you performance exceeding an Haswell i5, and the iPad Air’s A7 by multiples. Plus, it can be fanless.

Where is my new Chromebook?

Updated: despite the low TDP+perf greatness here, this part costs around $280. So wipe that Chromebook in the bag smile off your face.

At The Nexus #142: Exploded Into Reality

Yes, the title is totally irrelevant. Matt and I talked about IFA and the Apple event, T-Mobile’s new WiFi promises, Microsoft’s branding changes, Intel’s next generation processor and more.

Also: neither of us prepared for this episode at all.

Meh: Round Pricing

I really like the round pricing Meh is trying to offer. JCPenny’s tried rounded prices on their products but their customer base was unconvinced that $14 is easier to read than $13.97.

Round pricing tells me a few things: as a business, you are aware of the product and me.