Halo 2 Anniversary

The hype of Halo 2 was real back in the day – it’s when Halo morphed a franchise, then into a trilogy-hexology and now perpetual money-printer. I played the PC version of Halo 2, but it was obviously an icky Xbox port. I always wanted to play Halo 3 on PC, but never had the chance.

Halo 2 is also a prime example of how to ruin gravity. Please, don’t ruin gravity.

Android and Chrome; Restructuring and Reasons

David Burke:

But he also said he thinks some consumers just don’t know they want a phablet yet: “If you gave them a phablet for a week, 50 percent of those would say they like it and not go back,” he said.

Sony Xperia Z4 rumors

If you were buying a phone, you might wait for this. Sony made the best flagships of Fall 2014 and the Z4 will have the next substantial generation of the Snapdragon.

A moment with Ian Buck

Keeping chat logs is a good tip. I often ponder, “Am I the same person” when I read the old things I wrote.

Apple SIM has great, defeated by AT&T

Apple’s on-demand switching SIM card has been defeated by AT&T – they decided to lock it to their network as soon the iPad is activated with it on their network.

Great move.

Twitter will, and fail to, apologize to developers

As a platform, I love Twitter.

As a developer, I would be wary of it. Chris Lacy made TweetLanes but the capping of the tokens per client app convinced him that it was not worthy market to be in. Everyone made Twitter apps in the early days, but now, most mobile developers would work on something else instead rather than having the rug pulled out from under them again.

To truly convince developers that it is safe again be extreme relaxation of those caps and prolonged communication to the community about the future with changes to back it up.

Never going to happen.

Android’s new Messenger

No, not another network to listen to, just an app. This is a replacement to the stock Messenger app in Android. Look at that Material Design! It’s sort of odd though that it shifts from blue to orange between the neutral list screen and the specific thread views.

OnePlus One in One Hour

If you cannot swing a Nexus 6 (and really, who can?), then perhaps this OnePlus One is still good enough to be great for you. But hurry. It’s only on sale for an hour.