This Week in Rust

I have some thoughts on Rust today1.

  1. On the march to the big 1.0 release, I sense a destabilization in the community, and perhaps the language and compiler. Too many major foundational changes in too short of a time.
  2. For experts, these changes might be fine, and might be well received. For casuals (e.g. me), the chaos from standard library changes and language features is hard.
  3. I have not invested too heavily into Rust (except naming my cat as such).
  4. As an example, I welcomed the changes to Show a few weeks ago when they split the trait into Show and String. Putting them into my implementation worked, but it was annoying. And now? Show and String trait names have changed again.
  5. While I admire what Rust is doing, I often don’t know what Rust is doing.

  1. I wrote these originally on Twitter